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WHO: You guys remember that lovely couple from yesterday’s post? Well this is the second part of their journey into parenthood and the welcome celebration of their little love, Louna. She was seriously one of the more perfect newborns I have ever met, she wasn’t sleepy or smooshy but a perfect little wide eyed angel. Plus we can’t forget the pup, Sophie, making her presence felt after the baby too and embracing her new job as protector. I loved having this sweet new family in front of my camera!

WHAT: The best part of booking a Maternity to Newborn session is getting your new little bundle some time in the spotlight. Newborn photos are some of my favorites to do, not only because I get to meet a tiny babe but I get to capture those bonding moments with the new baby and their family. Whether it is a first baby or a third, its a special event that needs photos. Plus they really grow and change so so fast. So many parents tell me at the ordering session a couple weeks later, how much their baby has changed and how thankful they are to have that short newborn time captured. Especially because it often feels like a blur for new sleep deprived parents. Little Louna was no exception she was so sweet tiny, by the time I saw her again for proofing she was already looking so different and so big. Having these photos to always look back on and make you say “awwww she was so tiny!” is the best part!

WHERE: All newborn sessions are done in-home. I find it is so much easy for new parents and little babes. This session was in Seal Beach, they had such a bright light filled home that made the photos feel so cozy and happy. I always hear clients apologizing for a messy home, look you just welcomed a baby into the world, it is my job to cut out all the noise and focus on the love. Plus your home is such a special place, it’s where you brought your baby to for the first time. It’s nice to have the place documented too so you can show your kiddos when they get older.

WHY: I will say it a thousand times, newborn photos are a must! This session was to celebrate the arrival of sweet Miss Louna, it was so special to see Jasmine and Jason finally becoming the parents they had been eagerly waiting to become. To see their smiles when they looked at their little love, to have those moment forever is so so special. Those are the moments that become part of your story as a family, that are passed down from generation to generation. Those baby photos are the same ones that you pull out to compare when a new baby is born.  I am always so happy to be there when it all started, before right before baby and right after. So much changes and that love that is shared grows, it’s so obvious in the photos. That is why these shoots are the best!

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xo, Chelsea


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WHO:  Let me introduce you to this lovely couple and expectant parents, Jason and Jasmine. They were (I say “were” because they had their little bundle, sorry spoiler) so excited to be celebrating the birth of the first little baby love. Their adorable pup, Sophie, also tagged along and joined in the fun because let’s be honest our pets are family too!

WHAT: This session was Part I of II, I love doing these Maternity to Newborn sessions because I get to see the before and after, and hear all the stories in between. Plus I get to capture the excitement and anticipation leading up to baby and then I get to see changes that a new bundle brings. It’s hard to put into words, which is why I love the photos! Something changes immediately when a couple adds a little one to their world, their love for each other grows, their heart changes, their whole world and all the energy in it is forever altered. I love being able to capture that! This particular session was so much fun because you could just tell that they were so so happy to have a little one on the way! Being pregnant is just a short stage in your journey as a parent, it’s so important to capture it’s beauty!

WHERE: We shot this at one of my favorite secret spots in Huntington Beach. The golden light is always perfect and the yellow flowers were still in bloom. A luck accident, since they were out of season. All the warm and colors made the session so so dreamy! Sometimes the most magical spots are right outside your backyard. I love love love this spot! Just the right blend of beachy and whimsical!

WHY: It’s my favorite to share the maternity sessions first and then the newborn session so you can see the magical transformation that I get to see! These photos are so important, kids love to hear all about their stories. They want to hear all about when they were in mommy’s tummy and having these photos is the start of their story. Plus, it’s the last little bit of time where your world with be just the two of you. That chapter and your love needs to be commemorated in a special way. Once little ones are here you will never get that quiet time again, but that’s what makes it such an awesome wild adventure! Tomorrow I will be sharing the second part of this couple’s adventure where they welcomed baby Louna into their hearts. It’s a good one that you aren’t going to want to miss!

Thanks for stopping by, hope these happy photos help going back to reality after a long weekend, I know they helped me!

xo, Chelsea


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WHO: Meet the Van Brussel family, they are sweetest bunch you will ever meet. Mama, Blair is also a photographer who I met a few years ago shooting a wedding. Blair and her husband Sean are also the creators behind A Little Delight, a boutique shop that sells the most adorable bows and bowties. Seriously they are adorable you should go look them up now! Anyways, when they aren’t hustling in their creative endeavors they are the awesome parents of the three cutest littles ever. They just welcomed their newest member baby Lincoln into the family and so of course photos were in order! Lucky for me, these guys are incredibly photogenic plus big brother Jordan and big sister Cambria were all about their new baby brother! Needless to say, it made for some of the sweetest moments, so be prepare to say “awwww” the whole time you are scrolling through.

WHAT: This newborn session was to celebrate the arrival of Lincoln, he had a little bit of a dramatic entrance into the world plus a short stay at the NICU so there was a lot to be thankful for! Let me just say he was so sweet and those lips! Oh man, too cute! Being a photographer you really understand how important it is to capture those big moments in life. That being said even we fall victim of always being behind the lens and not joining in on the fun. Our presence is felt because we took the picture but it’s important for us to step into our world once in a while too. It was so special to be able to do that for these guys, to get mom some time in front of the lens too! Plus anytime another photographer asks you to capture their moments it’s a huge compliment!

WHERE: Newborn sessions usually take place at your house! Lucky for me this family had the cutest home with lots of color! I loved how vibrant and colorful this shoot was! Usually newborn photos are very subtle in color, lots of whites and neutrals. This was such a fun change it really gave the session a unique vibe. Having photos in your home is awesome because its easy, you get some photos of your home which is nice, and kiddos are cozy! This session had so many cuddles, it made my heart so happy!

WHY: Because you need to have sweet photos of your new little bundle, especially when you have other kids! When a new member joins the family it is a huge deal and that time goes by so fast, it’s blur! Having those bonding moments between the new baby and each member of the family is so special. These are the photos that get passed down from generation to generation. The photos that get pulled out when a new baby is born so you can compare. These photos are the first chapter of this little persons life. They really are so so important. Plus photos of little babes are just too cute, so there’s that too!

xo, Chelsea



WHO: The two lovebirds in these photos are bride and groom to be, Lauren and Hank. I am so so excited for their wedding in August in Laguna Beach because it is going to be magical. It was such a treat to explore with them because they live in Waco, Texas so we wanted to make sure to capture that California sun with a little bit of a country flare. I think we nailed it, I mean they did the two step under a big oak tree it was pretty much the best thing ever! The whole session kind of reminded me of a Nicolas Sparks movie and I am totally ok with that!

WHAT: Engagement sessions are so special. Your wedding day is incredible, obviously, but it’s not the best representation of your relationship. It is kind of a formal, very one of a kind day, it’s not your normal day. That is why engagement photos are my favorite. When else would you get dressed up and go take photos of your love just because? They are filled with anticipation, excitement, love, and usually lots of kisses and cuddles.  From a photographers perspective, these sessions are so important because I get to see you guys in front of my camera. It gives us some time to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable with me taking your photo. My engagement photos are still some of my favorites because they are more “us” than our wedding photos. Plus you can use them for all kinds of wedding crafts, sign in books, Save the Dates, all kinds of good stuff! They are a must. Period.

WHERE: This session was at a new location for me! Because Lauren and Hank live in Texas they wanted their session to feel a little more country. Usually out of owners want beach photos but because they are getting married at the beach we all decided we should do something different for the engagement session. I knew the perfect spot! A little wilderness park in Coto de Caza that has the best golden fields and the biggest trees! It was a hit and I can’t wait to shoot there again!

WHY: Engagement session are fun! If you don’t remember why you love each other by the end of the session then I didn’t do my job right. It’s all about having a good time, celebrating your love and capturing your relationship in a more authentic and intimate way. I mean when else can you dance in the world light and hold hands and share kisses all afternoon? Yep, it’s my own little superstition to end every session with a kiss! Lauren and Hank were amazing and I can’t wait to see promise forever in August!




WHO: You should know these guys by now, they are the same family from part one of this awesome double blog post! The first post was their Maternity session and this post is all about their new sweet little bundle baby Viivi and of course big brother Owen. It’s a whole lot of cuteness just sayin’!

WHAT: I think one of my most favorite things is my Maternity to Newborn Collection. It includes both sessions, lots of awesome photos, print credits, all kinds of fun stuff! It’s so cool because I get to see everyone right before baby and then right after baby. Usually it’s not that much time but a huge change happens and it’s amazing to see that! This session is celebrating the arrival of baby Vivien. Isn’t she the cutest? And big brother Owen was such a trooper. Often times newborn sessions are the first time that big brothers and sisters are encouraged to hold, kiss, and spend time with the new baby. They reactions are always so genuine and I feel lucky to be able to save those forever in my pictures. I always tell parents, it is important for you to be apart of the shoot. Your presence, those first bonding moments at home, your glowing love, it’s all such an important element in these newborn sessions. Of course, I will take lots of sweet shots of the cute little babe! So don’t worry, throw on some clothes and let me see your tired smiles.

WHERE: What was so sweet about this double session was that both took place at home. It really was a before and after Viivi shoot and I loved that! Not only can you see the progress and change that has occurred but you see it in their every day world. There is something so intimate and authentic about photos in your home, yes you don’t get the drama of an outdoor session but that is replaced by subtle and beautifully real emotions and moments. I loved being able to snap a couple shot that captured their world. That to me is what it is all about.

WHY: Babies grow and change so so fast. Newborn sessions capture the newness of it all. Since this was their second go around with having a new baby and taking photos I think Leslie and Marcus knew how quickly it all goes by. Plus, from looking around their home, they so cherish Owen’s newborn photos, so of course Miss Viivi deserved the same warm welcome. Yes, you are tired. Yes, your house is “a total mess.” Who cares, I’ll make it look pretty I promise. Plus that’s the life of a family who is living life and adjusting to a new member. Your mess is beautiful. Your new baby will be big before you know it, making time to capture life events is a must. Thank you Ouni family for always trusting me with your big moments and for allowing me to capture your lovely family!

xoxo, Chelsea

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