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Your Story.

Family starts with you. We love to capture each chapter of your love and growing family. Starting from maternity to newborn and then photos with your kiddos, each stage should be celebrated. Working with little ones takes a special touch. A type of caring patience that is part of booking with me. Each session is its own special adventure. Maternity sessions are the best, they are like engagement photos but better because your love has grown and you are about to start the greatest journey of your lives together. It really is unique and exciting time. Birth photography is just incredible, capturing the moment you meet this little person you have been so patiently, or impatiently, for is just beyond words. Fresh 48 captures that magical blurry first few hours together bonding at the hospital. I literally smile when I pull up each time because I can feel the excitement in the air, so much new life and tender moments. These sessions are intimate and raw which I absolutely love.  Newborn sessions can take place either in your home or at our studio for an additional fee. Babies change so fast and it is such an amazing feeling to be back home as a family. These sessions are slightly more curated but still capture those sweet new experiences with your little one. Babies don't keep and before you know it will be taking family photos! I hope I am here to document all these chapters and any moments in between!


Our portrait collections are available year round with special Mini Sessions offered at special times throughout the year. For more information on our specials please sign up for our mailing list. For pricing and more information on our various collections please check our booking page!

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